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About Us
Patent No.US D652,997 S

The Hex Hive® is designed to provide your honeybees with as natural an environment as possible - similar to a tree hollow. The hexagonal shape of each box replicates the bees’ own cell shape, giving them a familiar space, and the foundationless frames allow them to build their own comb – all the time.

Your Hex Hive® comes completely assembled, ready to go, with beeswax starter strips in the outside frames and a coating of beeswax on each foundationless frame. Just add bees!

A secret to healthier colonies

Every super is made from cedar that's smooth on the outside and rough on the inside encouraging the honeybees to make a “propolis envelope” around the comb area. This creates a healthier, antiseptic environment that prevents diseases and parasites from entering the hive and inhibits bacterial growth.

The round entrance holes in each super are easily monitored by the guard bees and eliminate the need for entrance reducers.

Every frame in each super are technically removable, however the outer frames have been tacked to the box so they stay in place for the life of the Hex Hive®. The five center frames in each box can be removed and moved as desired.

Hex Hive®

Starter Set
1 Screened Bottom Box
1 Brood Chamber Super with frames
1 Honey Super with frames
1 Copper Peaked Roof/Inner Cover
$450 plus s&p (shipping costs subject to change without notice)

Honey Set
contains all equipment in starter set plus one more honey super
$550 plus s&p (shipping costs subject to change without notice)

Deluxe Set

contains all equipment in honey set plus one more honey super
$650 plus s&p (shipping costs subject to change without notice)

Additional Components
~Screened Bottom Box - $80
~Supers with Frames - $100
(specify 3 or 4 sided frames)
~Copper Roof/Inner Cover - $200
~Feeder - $75
~Frames - $4 each
(specify 3 or 4 sided frames)

Hex Hive

Honey Set

Copper roof/inner cover combination

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rough cedar interior

top view of super with frames